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Perfect Indoor Climate
A perfect climate onboard, even in the roughest environments encountered at sea
Products & Systems Ventilation

Marine Ventilation

Marine ventilation is essential on any type of vessel. Not only does it benefit the comfort level onboard, it also contributes to the maintenance of the vessel by reducing the growth of mold and removing musty air.

Custom-built for your vessel

Drews Marine has a great experience in designing and supplying custom-built ventilation systems for many types of vessels, including private yachts, freighters, naval vessels and offshore installations. Commonly supplied ventilation equipment are:

Engine room ventilation

Ventilation is of great importance to the engine life as well. Air is required for burning fuel, but also for cooling the engines. Because warm air doesn’t hold as much oxygen, engines end up with less power, and consequently less efficiency. This implies that engines need to burn more fuel in order to achieve the same power level.

More information on marine ventilation

Are you looking for a custom-built marine ventilation system for your vessel? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to designing the best HVAC solution for your vessel.


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