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Besides the pure relaxation & recreation aspect, health issues become nowadays more and more important to passengers.
Especially in today's world, which is characterized by a variety of threats to the human organism (such as heavy air pollution in different industrialized countries or the threat of various pathogens influenza viruses, corona virus - Covid-19 etc.), alternative methods, such as, the disinfection of the room and the passing air, becomes increasingly significance. Eventually, such relatively small changes in the air conditioning / ventilation system contribute to a considerable improvement of the indoor air and thus also to the well-being of passengers.

As a system integrator for holistic HVAC solutions, we would therefore like to take up the challenge together with you to improve the air quality in passenger cabins and thus make a decisive contribution to ensuring that passengers on board of your ships can enjoy their holidays without any worries.


How does UV-C work?

The UV-C radiation penetrates the viral envelope and blocks the reading process of DNA. The reproductive genetic information is destroyed and cellular division impossible.
Thus, the risk to infect with a virus such as Covid-19 can be reduced by UV-C technology.

UVC-Lamp within a Fan Coil Unit

What is the effect of Ozone?

Ozone attacks organic structures. The wall of the cell perforates through an oxidizing reaction and loses its structure.

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