Perfect Indoor Climate
A perfect climate onboard, even in the roughest environments encountered at sea
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Marine HVAC Solutions

Drews Marine GmbH supplies marine HVAC solutions to the shipbuilding industry and aims to be a one-stop-shop by providing highly individualized system solutions. We supply systems for passenger vessels, survey vessels, patrol vessels, carriers and various types of cargo vessels among others.

Custom-built HVAC for marine vessels

The right onboard climate is a key factor for crew and freight. Drews Marine GmbH has a decades-long history as a supplier of all-in solutions for air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems. Every system we built starts with a highly individualized, project-specific strategy based on a careful needs analysis.

For a better shipboard climate

Whether for use on private yachts, merchant ships, naval vessels or offshore installations, our customers always enjoy the benefits of tailor-made solutions to their individual requirements.

We also offer individual solutions for supply systems, as well as measurement and control technology. It goes without saying that our engineers always work to the latest requirements and quality standards.

Excellent service

At Drews Marine GmbH we are committed to delivering high quality after sales service. Our philosophy is to combine flexibility and innovation at an optimum cost-efficiency rate. We offer fast and reliable repair and maintenance work in addition to the prompt delivery of spare parts globally.

Cloose cooperation

To provide our German clients in an optimal way, we work in cloose cooperation with our subsidiary Möhring Marine Service GmbH in Bremerhaven, Germany. Please visit their website to see what they can provide you.

Our activities

  • Consulting
  • Planning, Design and System Development
  • Assembly of required systems
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Spare Parts
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