Perfect Indoor Climate
A perfect climate onboard, even in the roughest environments encountered at sea

Cooling Plant

A cooling plant is one of the main units of an air conditioning system. Without a cooling plant it's impossible to meet a comfortable indoor climate when sailing in hot areas.  A cooling plant consists of four main components:refrigeration-cycle

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporator

The selection of a cooling plant depends on several factors like the required cooling capacity, the refrigerant type and the cooling medium.


Direct expansion vs. Chilled water

There are two groups of cooling plants:

  • Direct expansion (DX) unit, which is mostly located near the air handling unit in order to avoid long refrigerant pipes through the ship. The cooling coil inside the air handling unit operates as evaporator of the cooling plant.
  • Chilled water unit (CWU), which is used for ships where there is a long distance between the air handling unit and the cooling plant or with several air handling units. The chilled water will be used as cooling medium between the evaporator and the cooling coil inside the air handling unit. An advantage of this system is that it avoids the long refrigerant pipes filled with Freon onboard.

More information about cooling plants

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