Perfect Indoor Climate
A perfect climate onboard, even in the roughest environments encountered at sea

Unit Heater

Our unit heaters are primary used to heat large spaces outside the accommodation like workshops, engine rooms, etc. We supply electrical heating units (ATEX approved as well), hot-water units, thermal-oil units and portable units.












VLE Unit Heaters

VLE unit heaters are electrical fan heaters designed for rough environments and often used for heating on ships, offshore, in workshops and large production areas.

FE2 Unit Heaters

Our FE2 electrical fan heaters are CE-marked & ATEX-approved for use in hazardous areas. The heaters are designed for locations where explosive gases or dust may be present.

Hot-water unit heaters

Hot-water unit heaters are primarily designed for heating of large rooms, workshops or production areas. The TGA 2000 heaters are designed for onshore and offshore objects.

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